Stinky Stuff ™ Bullseye


Stinky Stuff ™ Bullseye

£9.99 100ml Can

Stinky Stuff Bullseye

  • Fires signals of a high mineral content through the water column which nearby which fish will actively seek out.

  • Strong saline attractant properties

  • Combined with Stinky Stuff’s core compound that sends feeding triggers throughout the water column

Saline (Energy Drink Aroma)

As most freshwater fish have evolved after being landlocked from millions of years ago when tectonic plates shifted, the natural saline that exists in seawater is missing in rivers and lakes. This means fish will actively seek it out as an addition to their diet, in particular during spawning season when certain minerals are required for reproduction.

Stinky Stuff Bullseye ingredients are combined with our core compounds that not only trigger fish to believe there is a saline source nearby, but it also stimulates the fish to want to feed.

Hygroscopic technology ensures our specialist spray latches to anything it is sprayed onto, including hook baits, pva pags, leads, line, in fact on to any terminal tackle which means the angler has an increased edge by adding more attractant beyond the baits that are traditionally used.

Stinky Stuff slowly releases when it hits the water, creating an inverted pyramid release of bait attractant through the water column with the point of the pyramid being your hook bait. Anglers can fish with confidence that the Stinky Stuff bait additive will not wash off when it hits the water, lasting beyond 72 hours after it has been in the water.

All Stinky Stuff baits are 100% aquatically safe.